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Facebook Groups

Christian Magicians UK offer two facebook pages for members and non members alike.

Members Only Facebook Page called the forum

Non Members Facebook Page called friends of...

For older members the Members Only Facebook Page has replaced the role of the old forums that we ran for many years.

You will need a facebook account to join. Please read the article below if you are unsure about how to use facebook or sign up

You can use facebook as much or as little as you wish. In fact you can use it just for Christian magicians UK. Facebook works by individuals signing up. They then request to be friends (or to link) with other people or organisations (Christian magicians uk). Other organisations or people also request to be friends (link) with you. If you receive a request to be a friended (or linked) you can always decline that organisation or person. Thus it is possible to have a facebook account and just visit the Christian magicians site.

How to Join us on Facebook

Go to facebook and sign up. I would recommend giving as little information about yourself as possible to begin with (for example were you went to school etc) facebook uses this information to suggest friends in your area, or people you may have known from school. Again and friend suggestions or requests can be simply ignored or declined.

Once you have joined facebook search for “Christian Magicians UK friends” and send a request to be a friend. We will then accept your request usually within 24 hours (or within a couple of weeks at most). Once accepted you can post on the Christian magicians “friends” page. Fully paid up members can also request to belong to the “Christian Magicians UK forum” group where magical secrets can be discussed. If you need assistance with this please contact the membership secretary.